Property Report

Property Report

Investment Property Partner provides regular property reports for our Members so that you can stay in tune with the latest market information. As we all know, the market will move up and down, reacting to overall economic conditions. Our property market commentators will provide you with insightful perspectives about current market factors that will give you the leading edge when choosing to make a property investment.

Our report acts as a spotlight on the factors that affect the investment property market. We use a range of resources to identify these factors and then seek a wide collective of views to determine the most probable outcome on the property market. Sometimes, out reports will not agree with other commercially produced documents. We make no apology for this as we are independent and we will say what we think, whether it is palatable or not. We value your time and our aim is to share insightful investment property analysis with you through our reports.

We also showcase some outstanding investment opportunities from time to time so that our Members can move quickly to secure these properties for themselves. For each of these investment opportunities, we prepare a detailed Opportunity Report that follows a proven assessment methodology to ensure that all factors are considered. Our report will lead you along the investment path as we consider the full spectrum of influencers in property investing. We start with broad factors, such as the economy and employment and drill down into the tiniest detail at the asset selection end of our report.

Research Principals

Investment Property Partner has a strong history of performing extensive due diligence based on expert facts.  We pride ourselves on this being the foundation of our own investment decisions and we want to share the same confidence in investing with you.

Our approach is somewhat like a funnel. That is, we start with wide ranging indications, our macro analysis. Then we start to ‘close in’ on the investment though rigorous testing in our micro analysis phase. Finally, we put our investment through the finest filter, our asset selection, to ensure the investment opportunity is refined to maximise wealth creation potential for our investors.

Our macro analysis looks at potential capital growth drivers that support the possibility of the property outperforming market averages.  These include the economy, population growth, infrastructure investment and supply.

We also consider whether there are a number of quality tenants available for this style of property.  We further identify whether they are willing and able to pay the required rental return. Having a tenant is vital for your ability to hold the property overt time.

Macro Analysis:

1. Economy & Employment

2. Population & Demographics

3. Infrastructure

4. Supply

Our micro analysis looks at the amenities and appeal of the area which is part of the foundation of your investment in terms of capital appreciation and rental yield growth over the lifetime of the investment.  It also gives an overview of the potential performance of the selected investment property given the property costs and interest rates.

Micro Analysis:

5. Location & Design

6. Price & Terms

7. Product quality & Development reputation

8. Return on Investment

a. Yield

b. Cash Flow

c. Purchase Costs

d. Ongoing costs

e. Finance

f. Taxation

9. Features & Benefits

10. Risks & Mitigants

Lastly we look at the actual plans. We start with the site location as a whole and then drill down to the actual property selection for our investors.

Asset Selection:

11. Development Plans

12. Floor Plate Plans

13. Floor Plans

At the end of the property investment funnel, we are confident that we can identify superior investment opportunities for our investors.

Checking Out Boom Suburbs

Checking Out Boom Suburbs

As a research house and investment provider, our job is to find the next investment property opportunity, where it is the right time, right place and right product to buy – today.

Our proven, unique research methodology covers:

  • Macro Analysis: the fundamentals that determine the right time and right place to buy
  • Micro Analysis and Asset Selection: determines the right product to buy

Our property reports scope properties using our proven, unique research methodology in a succinct format so that our members can understand the opportunity and make a quick investment decision.

We have access to investment properties throughout Australia and only select those that meet our strict investment criteria. These include houses, townhouses and apartments (large blocks and small blocks).

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How does a regular investor become a property portfolio owner?

How does a regular investor become a property portfolio owner?

As with most asset portfolios, everything grows from the first successful investment. With residential property portfolios, the trick is to buy one property and use the increase in value of that property to buy your next property. And so it goes on. Let’s consider that you buy an investment property for say, $500,000.

In the first year, the probable net return (before interest) on that investment would be approximately $20,000. After paying interest and claiming tax deductions, the net cost of your investment might be approximately $4,000 in the first year. However, in the first year, your property might grow in value by, say $40,000. That is a net  accumulation in wealth of $36,000. Not bad!

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So how does this help you to buy a second or third property? Well, let’s say you purchase good quality property in Sydney Eastern Suburbs, as the years go on, your property value should also increase, year after year as you add value with a paint job, basic renovations and the general movement in the market. And the net cost after interest and depreciation will reduce such that within a few years, the net cost could become a net gain. You can use this increase in property value and net cash-flow to provide the equity to buy your second property. And the cycle of portfolio building goes on and on, until you are a property portfolio owner. It is really that simple Of course, there is some detail in this strategy and it will only work if you make the right investment decisions and surround yourself with experienced experts that can guide you as you grow your property portfolio. We can show you how this strategy can fit with your current financial position so that you can build an asset base for your future by drawing down equity and using it as a deposit together with a no deposit home loan.


If you are driven to become a property portfolio owner and have any questions, then please see one of our Investment Property Specialists will contact you to discuss your questions in detail.