Real Estate Investing

By Dan Croke

It s an easy question to answer. If you weigh both the positives and negatives of investing in property versus investing in shares, you will come up with a very definitive answer: absolutely nothing compares to the type of financial success investing in property is going to bring you! You will find yourself being offered a far more lucrative financial opportunity when you invest in property, far more than if you were to invest in shares. You will also find yourself far more able to enjoy living life to the full as you will have access to property that many of us just cannot afford to own – without the hassle of ongoing mortgage payments and the worries that come with them! This is truly something special.

When thinking about investment in property, it is important to remember that you are going to be investing in property. It will be an expensive purchase, as the property that you choose will have to be well maintained. You will also need to think about the costs of insurance on the property and taxes, which will vary according to the area in which you live. All of this will add up considerably and can put a significant dent in your capital. You may even find that you end up paying over the odds when buying property and you really need to consider whether you can afford to pay this sort of outgoings.

However, if you want to be successful in this business then you need to focus on how to buy a property with the intention of flipping it rather than just renting it out. If you already own a property or have rental property that you are not using, then you can consider what you can do with this to make money from it and make it even more profitable than you currently believe it is. One of the ways that this can be done is by raising the market value of the property and thereby increase the amount of rent you receive each month; this can be especially profitable if the property is in an area in which the demand for rental property is high.