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How to Care for a Luxury Home

A luxury home will often be a focal point within a community, as well as a talking point amongst neighbours and occupants. Luxury display homes in Perth aren’t just for looking at however; they are supposed to be fully functional and comfortable for the owners all year round. Being a trend setter does have its draw backs however; and it’s not uncommon for luxury homes to require consistent cleaning all year round to keep them looking at their most physically appealing.

The types of materials that go in to the construction of a luxury home will often differ from a traditional house. For example; it’s not uncommon for heated floor boards to be present, or for high quality tempered glass to be used for furniture and shelving units. When this is the case, it’s important to use the right types of cleaning agents to ensure that the property’s structure remains in good working order. Your luxury home builders will have ensured that only the finest materials have gone in to construction your home, and so looking after your luxury display homes should be a priority.

Cleaning Marble

Marble has long been used to distinguish between regular homes and those that belong to the wealthy. Although marble is very resilient to staining, there are times where damage can occur. Cleaning marble is fairly straight forward, although you’ll need to use marble cleaners as opposed to regular industry cleaners. This is because of the tendency for industrial cleaners to contain ingredients and chemicals that can be very harmful to marble; and in extreme cases they have even been known to break through the stone and cause it to crumble.

The best types of cleaners for marble contain little to no acidic properties at all. Bicarbonate soda is good because it can help to lift away stains, whilst salt water can be just as effective. When cleaning marble, it’s always a good idea to keep a dry microfiber cloth to hand to help to wipe away any excess residue that gets left behind.

Polishing Glass

If there’s one thing that can irritate even the most patient of home owners, it’s cleaning dust and fingerprints from glass panels. Prestige home builders will often include plenty of tempered glass within the property for general aesthetics, and as a result it’s often a necessity to keep the glass clean on a weekly basis.

There are several great methods to clean glass, and none of them are more natural and effective than when using lemon juice. Lemon juice contains natural antibacterial agents, and when paired with a soft cloth; it becomes possible to break through even the toughest dirt and stains – all thanks to the acidic properties within lemons.

These are just a few of the useful ways to clean a home, and you’ll find plenty of helpful information by visiting