Pool Cleaning Service

Pool Cleaning Service. One way for pool owners to extend their life and prevent unnecessary pool maintenance cost is to regularly schedule pool cleaning service. Although this can be a more costly option than purchasing special pool equipment, it does offer exceptional value because you have a guarantee that the pool cleaning service will be performed on a regular basis. Some pool cleaning service companies offer up to two weeks or unlimited pool cleaning contract which can save pool owners an average of one hundred dollars per year.

Weekly or Monthly Service. This type of pool cleaning service is usually best for busy homeowners who don’t have time to schedule an appointment. Most homeowners prefer this option because it allows them the opportunity to spread out the weekly or monthly service in between other important tasks, such as work and everyday chores. You can usually arrange this schedule by picking a specific day that works well for everyone in your household. Most homeowners will find that this option is less expensive to provide, requiring only minimal weekly or monthly maintenance costs.

Salt Test. If your pool hasn’t had a chlorine or salt water chlorine pool test in the last year, it may be time to have your pool tested again to determine if there are any serious problems with its chemical makeup. A reputable pool test kit should include a simple chlorine salt test, as well as a digital test kit for analyzing the pH levels in your pool.

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